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Sümeyye Elif Biber

PhD Candidate


Sümeyye Elif Biber is a PhD candidate in Law at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy. Previously, she obtained her LLB from Istanbul University Law School with “high honor” and received her LLM degree from Koç University. Her thesis on the “Concretization of Constitutional Norms Referring to Right to Respect for Private Life in the Individual Application Case-Law” was supervised by Prof. Bertil Emrah Oder. Her PhD dissertation analyses the legal challenges stemming from new technologies, particularly focusing on artificial intelligence, and develops an “inter-legal rights-based approach.” Sümeyye's published work and presentations (including at the CPDP-Brussels, Tilburg, ICON-S, and the International Forum on the Future of Constitutionalism) so far have focused on:

(i) the interpretation of fundamental rights in the context of new technologies by the ECtHR, CJEU, and the BVerfG, in light of the doctrine of effective control over rights;

(ii) the complex and composite character of law interlocking state, regional, international, and global legality through the theory of inter-legality;

(iii) transnational approaches to AI and the regulatory dialogue between the US and the EU;

(iv) the privatization of the enforcement of fundamental rights in the algorithmic society; and

(v) “online states” with a focus on the regulation of social platforms (Italian Law Journal; Springer- Information Technology and Law Series; Il Mulino, Verfassungsblog).

Sümeyye Elif Biber

Relevant Publications

Sümeyye Elif Biber (2021) Machines Learning the Rule of Law, Verfassungsblog,

Conference Presentations:

Sümeyye Elif Biber (2019) From Leviathan to Frankenstein: 'Privatisation' of the Enforcement of Fundamental Rights in the Algorithmic Society, publication descriptionLe Nuove Tecnologie e il Futuro del Dritto Pubblico, ICONS, Italian Chapter, Florence, Italy

Sümeyye Elif Biber (2019) Filling the Gap between 'Codes' and Norms in the Robotic Age: The Principle of Dynamic Interpretation for the Protection of the Right to Privacy, Windisch-Brugg, Switzerland

Sümeyye Elif Biber (2017) The Impact of the Individual Complaint Case Law of the Constitutional Court on the Judgments of the Court of Cassation: Learning Experiences” at the ICON·S 2017 Conference on 'Courts, Powers, Public Law', Copenhagen, Denmark

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