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Ida Varošanec

PhD Candidate


Ida Varošanec's PhD project titled ‘The rise of AI: The Interplay Between Transparency and Intellectual Property’ delves into the question of establishing a balance between public and private interests in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within the public sector. Since the EU is developing a regulatory framework for AI, the main goal of Ida's research is to ascertain how the co-existence of transparency and intellectual property (IP) protection can be facilitated from within. This task does not only require keeping up to date with legal developments, but also analysing how traditional legal notions of IP and public law are affected. On the public law side, Ida will assess the impact of automation on the rights to good administration and due process, which are regarded as enabling transparency. On the IP law side, the conventional underpinnings of IP in the context of AI protection are questioned. Ida's PhD will address the importance of public and private interests in the regulation of AI and expose existing gaps within the EU legal framework that might be incapable of sustaining the proliferation of AI in various sectors, impacting citizens most dependent on such technology.

Ida Varošanec

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