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Cecília Barreto de Almeida

PhD Candidate


The expansion of the Internet and its use by governments offer innovative solutions of e-government. To succeed, though, this digital enterprise of governments needs to consider the diversities among people. The present research intends to improve the theoretical discussion by providing empirical data on the field of digital government and the social and digital divide. Through this research, Cecília intends to answer the following central question: to what extent do governments' digital transformation strategies create impediments to the exercise of citizenship by vulnerable groups? To answer this research question, Cecília employs multi-methods techniques for data generation:

i) documentary analysis of regulations, plans, and information from websites and applications related to government strategies;

ii) semi-structured or focus group interviews with users of public services and beneficiaries of digitization strategies; and

iii) interviews with government agents involved in the implementation of digitization policies.

Cecília Barreto de Almeida

Relevant Publications

Cecília Barreto de Almeida (2021) Black students are more than blank pages: anti-discriminatory pedagogies for social justice, Revista Espaço Acadêmico (REA), 20 (227), 238-249, Available at:

Cecília Barreto de Almeida (2021) The interpretative development of art. 205 of the Constitution (right to education) in the jurisprudence of the Brazilian Supreme Court between 1988 and 2021. In Manoel Gonçalves Ferreira Filho; Roger Stiefelmann Leal. (Org.), The new Constitution of 1988? 1ed.Santo André: Dia a Dia Forense, 841-906, (co-authored by KLAFKE, G.F.)

Cecília Barreto de Almeida (2019) Gender interactions in the USP Law School classrooms: a hidden curriculum? São Paulo: UNESCO Chair on the Right to Education/University of São Paulo (USP), (co-authorship with Sheila C. Neder Cerezetti et. al). Available at

Cecília Barreto de Almeida, Legal education for citizen formation in countries with deep social inequality. In: José Garcez Ghirardi; Marina Feferbaum (Org.). Globalization, Legal Education and Inequality. FGV, forthcoming. (co-authored by KLAFKE, G.F.)

Cecília Barreto de Almeida & Victor Augusto Vasconcellos (2018) Transgender: are they overcoming barriers to the job market in São Paulo? REVISTA DIREITO GV, v. 14, 303-333, Available at:

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