PhD Students & Student-Assistants

Fatma Capkurt

Fatma started her PhD project entitled "Smart state, smart citizen? The future of information regulation in the digital data era" in September 2018. Her PhD is funded by NWO (Dutch Science Foundation) She is researching the regulation of information flows in government in the Netherlands from a comparative perspective. She is primarily affiliated with Leiden University where she is also supervised by Professor Ymre Schuurmans. She holds LLB and LLM degrees from Tilburg University.

Astrid Voorwinden

Astrid is currently working on her PhD project that focuses on the legal and political aspects of the development of 'smart' cities at the University of Groningen. She holds two LLM degrees from Leiden University and from the Paris institute of Political Studies. 

María Ángeles Sánchez Medina 

Angie is currently completing her Bachelor degree in International and European Law at the University of Groningen, while working as a Student Assistant at the Department of Public and Administrative Law. In September 2019 she will be an Exchange student at the University of Salamanca. Angie interned at Philips for six months during her Bachelor. She has acquired extensive experience with the organization of events, communication of science, and support of research projects at the University of Groningen.

European Law and Tech Network

Catalina Goanta

Dr. Catalina Goanta received her LL.B. degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, where she studied Romanian and international law. She proceeded to complete an LL.M. at the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University, specializing in European comparative law and international law, and further obtained an M.Sc. in public policy and human development from the United Nations University-MERIT Maastricht Graduate School of Governance. Her doctoral research on ‘Convergence in European Consumer Sales Law - A Comparative and Numerical Approach’ was funded by the UM-HiiL Chair on the Internationalisation of Law at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law, under the supervision and mentorship of Jan Smits and Caroline Cauffman. In 2017, she co-founded the European Law & Tech Network with Sofia Ranchordas. They work together on numerous projects.