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Selected Book Chapters

"Soft Law in City Regulation and Governance"

(with Astrid Voorwinden) in U. Morth, E. Korhea-aho, M. Eliantonio (Eds.), Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Soft Law (forthcoming, 2022)

"Connected but Still Excluded? Digital Exclusion beyond Internet Access"
in M. Ienca, O. Pollicino, L. Liguori, E. Stefanini, and R. Andorno (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Life Sciences, Informative Technology and Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2022, Forthcoming) 

"Smart Mobility and Services: Policy and Legal Issues"
in L. Gormley, K. Purnhagen and S. Garben (Eds.), Oxford Encyclopedia of European Union Law (Oxford University Press, 2022, Forthcoming) (peer-reviewed)

"Smart Mobility, Transport Poverty, and the Right to Inclusive Mobility"
in M. Finck, M. Lamping, V. Moscon, and H. Richter (Eds.), Smart Urban Mobility-Law, Regulation and Policy (Springer, 2020)

"Breaking Down Information Silos with Big Data: A Legal Analysis of Data Sharing"
in J. Cannataci, V. Falce & O. Pollicino (Eds.), New Legal Challenges of Big Data (Edward Elgar, 2020) (with G. de Gregorio)

"Future-Proofing Legislation for the Digital Age"
in S. Ranchordas and Y. Roznai (Eds), Time, Law, and Change (Hart, 2020) (with M. van 't Schip)

"De Awb, de deeleconomie en de platformsamenleving" 

in T. Barkhuysen, W. den Ouden, R. J. N. Schlössels, A. T. Marseille, and J. A. F. Peters (Eds.), 25 jaar Awb In eenheid en verscheidenheid (Wolters Kluwer, 2019)

"Data-Driven Regulation and Governance in Smart Cities"

in A. Berlee, V. Mak, E. Tjong Tjin Tai (Eds), Research Handbook in Data Science and Law (Edward Elgar, 2018) (with A. Klop)

"Experimentwetgeving: pad naar innovatie of de democratische rechtsstaat onder druk?"

in  S.S. Zoeteman, Experimenteerwetgeving (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Wetgeving, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2018)

"Experimentwetgeving: een regelluwe zone?"

in M. Heldeweg and V.I. Daskalova (Eds.), Constitutionele mogelijkheden en beperkingen voor experimenteel handelen en experimentele wetgeving (Publicaties van de Staatsrechtkring Staatsrechtconferenties 2016, Vol. 20) (Wolf Legal Publishers, 2018, pp. 11-26)

"Constitutional Sunrise"

in R. Albert, X. Contiades, and A. Fontiadou (Eds.), The Foundations and Traditions of Constitutional Amendment (Hart Publishing, 2017)

"On Sharing and Quasi-Sharing: The Tension between Sharing-Economy Practices, Public Policy and Regulation"

in P.A. Albinsson and Y. Perera (Eds.), The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Collaborative Consumption (Praeger Publishing, 2017)

"Evenredigheid in perspectief: Het evenredigheidsbeginsel in het bestuursrecht rechtsvergelijkend bezien" 

in A.T. Marseille, A.C.M. Meuwese, F.C.M.A. Michiels, and J.C. A. De Poorter (Eds.), Behoorlijk Bestuursprocesrecht (Boom Juridische Uitgevers, 2015)

"The International Rule of Law Time after Time: Temporary Institutions between Change and Continuity"

in R. Wessel and M. Ambrus (Eds.), Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (T.M.C. Asser Press, 2014)

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