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In 2018, I advised the Ministry of Interior on the regulation of home-sharing (sharing economy) from a comparative perspective.


In 2018, I was invited to join an expert committee on data sharing and smart cities.

In the context of the DG GROW consultancy led by the European Commission on the regulation of the collaborative economy, I acted as the Research Coordinator and consultant for the Impulse Paper on "Home-Sharing in the Digital Economy: The Cases of Brussels, Stockholm and Budapest" (2016) (in collaboration with K. Zurek and Z. Gedeon)

As part of a collaboration between The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, the University of Oxford and the Information Society Project, Yale Law School, I worked on the Report on "The Impact of Charity and Tax Law/Regulation on Not-for-Profit News Organizations: US Law chapter" (2016) (in collaboration with Robert G. Picard and Valerie Belair-Gagnon)

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