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Journal Articles

"Smart Public Law: Automated Decision-making and the Decentralisation of Power" (2022)

_Italian Journal of Public Law_ (forthcoming) (with Christian Iaione)

"Consultations, Citizen Narratives, and Evidence-Based Regulation" (2017)

19 European Journal of Law Reform 52 (peer-reviewed)

‘The Mystery Guests in het bestuursrecht: fraudeonderzoek door particuliere recherchebureaus’ (2016)

51(10) Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Bestuursrecht 378 (with Y. Schuurmans)

"Sharing and the City" (2016) 

49(5) Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1299 (with Michele Finck)

"Innovation Experimentalism in the Age of Sharing Economy" (2016)

19 Lewis and Clark Law Review 871

"Does Sharing Mean Caring? Regulating Innovation in the Sharing Economy" (2015)
16 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology 413

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